The portfolio of Kim Carson, a freelance designer based in the Pacific Northwest, USA


Securus Technologies provides communications services to more than 2,000 correctional facilities across the U.S. I worked with an R&D team to create a secure, facility-grade tablet that gives inmates controlled access to education, post-release job opportunities, constructive entertainment, and personal communications that are proving to reduce violent incidents and improve well-being.

We also invented an officer tablet that facility staff can use to receive and process inmate tablets, monitor use, and manage available services.

I drove the UX and UI design from the start of the project through its first 3 years, addressing widely different user needs from the inmates and their loved ones, to officers, to equipment suppliers, to Securus support staff. Today I continue to support the team with various short-term design projects as the tablet program expands nationwide.

Hi-fidelity wireframes of screens for scheduling tablet service availability

More application availability wireframes

Tablet management home screen

First edition of the SecureView tablet phone

Tablet ordering screens for friends and family